Hello Grace Church Family and Friends,

 Count your blessings; name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has doneMany times when I say, “The Lord is good,” someone adds, “All the time!” We worship a great and awesome God. There is none like HIM. The hymn writer says, “How Great Thou Art!” As we approach our ENGAGE Missions Conference, we can rejoice in what He has done through our missions giving over the past number of years. I have in my mission files the total that Grace Church has given to Harvest Children’s Home. When I think of Harvest, I don’t just rejoice in the dollars given. I think of the children whose lives have been touched over the past 15 years plus. I think of the families that we have touched. Now that’s rejoicing my friends. This coming Friday evening at 5:45PM we’ll share a nice fellowship dinner and ENGAGE will be under way! Make sure you sign up tomorrow in your Sunday School Class or at our WELCOME CENTER! 

 One major feature of Engage is our ENGAGE CHILDREN’S TRACK! Pastor Chuck and Judy will lead an “A” Team of teachers. Aaron and Heather Bart with Word of Life will be teaching as well! There will be a KID’S CONNECTION every session, FIVE in all. We value our children at Grace Church. You can be assured that your children and their friends will be well cared for. This includes a nursery for every session as well. Our children’s ministry will present a very clear missions’ emphasis to our children. Bring your children and their friends. Each year the Lord gives us this open door to focus on teaching our children about Jesus, missions and His love for the nations. Please make every effort to be here with your children. 

 Tomorrow’s message is found in Acts 4. It’s entitled, “COMMITTED… Without a Doubt“! Our first century brothers and sisters stood tall with the Gospel. It’s our turn to carry the Gospel torch into the darkness. The Lord is with us! He has promised us the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. In a day when many are running scared, we need not fear at all! Knowing that Jesus is with us makes all the difference in the world. We can actually run into the darkness knowing that the Gospel light penetrates the darkness of sin! I appreciate your prayers as we come together to fellowship around the Word of God and to worship Him as His church! That sounds exciting to me!!!

 Let’s pray over these needs:  2023 ENGAGE MISSIONS CONFERENCE (Rick Via preaching), Rick Via and mission team in Guatemala this week, Pat Colston (Home), Beverly Myers cancer (Her treatments are working), Jerry Long (home recovering from cancer surgery), Jenney Vangritus (cancer), Laurie Huffman (surgery recovery), Christy Young, Scott Murphy cancer treatments, Becky Thorpe (surgery recovering), Jon Bowman recovering from heart surgery. Please feel free to text me or call me with your requests at 252-341-4017.

 LOVE YOU ALL… See you tomorrow!

Mike and Cheryl <><