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Get to know about Grace Church

We are a local body of believers in Greenville, North Carolina. We are an autonomous, independent, unaffiliated with any group or denomination. Families, friends, loved-ones, shut-ins, locals, visitors, missionaries, deacons, pastors, staff, etc., all parts of a church body that exist to support and grow in Christ. We welcome EVERYONE! Whatever your story, however your dressed, however you feel… It doesn’t matter to us, it matters to Him. We don’t attend church to because we are supposed to. We attend church to hold ourselves accountable and worship God. 

We teach the entire Bible, Old and New Testament. We break down God’s story of reconciling and redeeming a broken humanity to Himself through the life, death, resurrection, and future return of Jesus Christ. We define to connection of the Old Testament (establishment of His great commission) to the New Testament (redemption of His promise). We breakdown the stereotypes and trending rumors by Evangelism. Understanding the Word teaches us how to defend our faith.

We believe Baptism is a public sign of your Christian faith. As it is written in the Bible, we believe in immersion baptism. It is also required to become a member of Grace Church.

We firmly believe in giving resources to advance the gospel in the city of Greenville and the world. We support various ministries and missionaries both locally and worldwide through “Faith Promise Missions”, a missions ministry started at Grace.

Sunday Gatherings

Every Sunday, we begun with Sunday School with several options for children, youth, young adults, couples, older adults, etc. Please feel free to sit-in each class to find the one best suited for your needs.

At 11:00am is our weekly Worship Service.  There you will hear any announcements and enjoy a time of music, prayer and the Pastor’s weekly message.   On the first Sunday of each month we join together for the sacrament of communion.

Most Sunday evenings at 5:15pm we also have a time together for worship, singing and bible study.  During the school year there is Awana beginning at 5:00pm for all children. 

Time & Location

Our Sunday mornings begin with Sunday School services classes beginning  at 9:45am.  We offer a variety of classes for all age groups. Children’s church is announced during the service and leaders will meet the children (3 years of age through 2nd grade) at the rear of the sanctuary.

On Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm we gather for a fellowship dinner, you can find the schedule on our calendar.  At 6:15 is Word  Of Life for the youth.  6:30 is our time of bible studies or choir practice.  Nursery is available during this time for infants and toddlers.

Get connected

Our church offers many study sessions, Sunday school, and other groups during the week. Please visit the Welcome Center upon entry from the front doors to find more information,

We love to hear from visitors and fellow members on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news, events, and blogs from our pastors and staff.

Common Questions

We are a local body of Christian believers. We are an autonomous, independent church, and unaffiliated with any group or denomination.

We believe in the God, the father, outside of time and space, creator of all, the Holy Trinity, and the Bible in its entirety is God’s word, which is truth and flawless.

We believe in His son, Jesus Christ, born of virgin Mary, Apostle to few, disciple to many, crucified, died, and resurrected solely to purify our sin and lead us to Him.

We believe Heaven is attained only through acceptance of Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sin, and repentance of your old lifestyle of sin. 

Upon entry of the building, head left down the main hallway. Male and female bathrooms are on the left side of the hallway, on either side of the water fountain.

The second bathroom is located outside of the Fellowship Hall, directly across the hallway. 

Upon entry of the church you will be greeted by members of the church. If it is right before Worship, they will offer you a bulletin for service. If you come in after service has begun, you will be greeted by security and bulletins are offered. 

Visitors are always welcome and are expected to be apart of the church body, just as a church member. Feel free to sing, worship, pray, listen, read, etc. If you want to meet any church member or pastor after service, don’t hesitate to approach them.

During any part of the day, all exterior doors will be locked from the outside, except the front doors for security purposes. 

Parking lots and interior locations, except for private areas, are all monitored by our security team and video/audio surveillance. 

For health safety, we changed communion and tithing processes. Communion is offered upon Sanctuary entry with a disposable sealed container of juice and cracker. Tithing plates are no longer sent around during service. A tithing portal is available for online acceptance or a drop-plate at the entry of Sanctuary. 

For nursery safety, check-ins and -outs are required by signature and ID. Only adults are permitted to drop-off or pick-up, and they must be the adult registered during check-in.

We love and cherish our youth as the next generation of disciples in Christ to spread His Gospel. We nurture the youth at all ages with tools and resources from Awana, Word of Life, and many other respectable sources.

Sunday school is before the Worship service in the Sanctuary in the mornings. We have set appropriate classes to help them better understand the lesson, and providing a safe place to express themselves and grow with God. 

During the school year, nearly every Sunday evening we host Awana for preschool to high school age. The classes are taught by volunteers, church members, and family members.

Throughout the year, we host Word of Life for rising 6th graders to seniors. This is not the same as Awana, but more challenging. Introducing daily bread, further investigating God’s Word, and building a strong discipline of your child’s relationship with God. They experience volunteering, attend Reverb, summer camp, and many exciting experiences.

What to expect

You will be greeted as you enter and offered a bulletin which will give you the following weeks information as well as contact information.

Worship, also called service, consist of a line-up of music, either sung by the band, choir, special guest, or children. 

For children under the age the of 8 participate in children’s church during service, but are taken down by announcement during service. Infants and toddlers can go to nursery.

For giving or tithing, since COVID, we have had to revise our procedure. We offer our online portal on the website at the top in the navigation called ‘Giving’. Then, we have a bowl presently in Sanctuary at the entrance for giving to leave your tithing.

Prayer, reading scripture, singing, and worshiping are many vital components to worship service.

The first Sunday of each month, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and take communion.

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