Hello Grace Church!

Wow, what a week! The Lord is at work in many areas here at Grace Church. With school starting back we’re very busy planning and preparing for a number of events and programs for the fall. Join us as we pray and prepare for the children, teens, Bible studies, Homecoming, ENGAGE 2023, and our weekly services. Lots of things are happening! We certainly appreciate your faithfulness and participation in all of these activities. Let’s not get too busy that we forget what we’re here for. Remember this, it’s ALL about JESUS! HE is our LIFE and HOPE!

Tomorrow we are baptizing. We’re also dedicating two precious babies and blessing their families. The Lord is good. Weekly we are seeing new families and making new friends. It’s going to be an exciting service. I’ll wrap up our studies in JAMES! What a series of messages. I have to admit that James worked me over with many challenges. Many of you have shared the same with me. I’ve grown through the preaching, and I trust that you have also grown spiritually as well. Prayers are always appreciated for the services. There is NO evening service tomorrow night.

AWANA begins a new year on Sunday evening September 10 at 5:00PM. Let’s register as many children as we can. Our leadership team is ready for a great year! It’s crucial that we train up our children in the things of God. AWANA is a great way to do that. You can see David and Kristin Stahl at church tomorrow.  They will help you with registration. David Stahl can be reached/texted at 252-412-8565. Also, on Sunday evenings beginning on Sunday, September 10th at 5:15PM we are offering TWO ADULT CLASSES during AWANA. Cheryl and I are joining with Eddie and Kathryn Hilliard for a marriage class entitled “A Biblical Marriage in a Broken World” and Pastor Jamin will lead a class entitled, “Gospel Shaped Worship.” These classes are open to everyone. I’ve actually used the marriage study for premarital counseling. No doubt the discussion and fellowship will be great in both of these classes.  You can contact/text me at 252-341-4017.

Pray with me over these needs:  JB and Elsie Nichols, Billy and Sandra Peede, Cindy Day, Hope is Alive Home, AWANA beginning on Sunday, September 10, (David and Kristin Stahl leaders), 2023 ENGAGE MISSIONS CONFERENCE, Pat Colston (Rehab), Beverly Myers cancer (very serious), Jerry Long (home recovering from cancer surgery), Katie Zeller recovering nicely from cancer surgery, Jenney Vangritus (cancer), Laurie Huffman physical needs, New DivorceCare Class begins on Tuesday 7:00pm 9-5-23 (John and Jessica Richardson). Please feel free to text me other requests at 252-341-4017.

Let the football games begin! Enjoy your Saturday… I’m excited about seeing you and your family tomorrow!

Pastor Mike and Cheryl <><