Hello Grace Church Family and Friends,

Last evening Cheryl and I had the wonderful privilege of attending our first HOPE IS ALIVE Graduation Ceremony. Our brother and friend Cameron Moore graduated from HIA after 18 months in the program for addictions. It was amazing hearing about the overall program and the requirements that Cameron had to meet. His brothers there played at major role in his success. Everyone was blessed as Cameron testified to the work of God in his life. Cheryl and I will never forget it. Thank you all for supporting such a powerful ministry located “in our backyard” near Grace Church. Your Faith Promise Missions giving plays a key role in what HIA is able to do here in our community. THANK YOU FOR GIVING!

Tomorrow’s message is “Living Out Godly Wisdom” from James 3:13-18. I feel like I get a black eye each week as I prepare Sunday’s message. Your prayers get me through! That’s not an overstatement!!! James is taking us on a faith journey. Weekly he encourages us to live out our faith. Tomorrow’s message describes the fruit of spiritual maturity. Wisdom is expressed in how we live our lives on a daily basis. Jesus modeled godly wisdom for us. Jesus was godly wisdom enrobed in human flesh. I normally walk away with a limp from the teachings of James. At the same time, I believe I am a better Christian because of it. 

Join me in prayer for our services in the morning. Just a few minutes ago I joined Missionary Rick Via in prayer over the telephone. He was on his way to preach for a pastor friend a couple of hours away from his home. Rick is a missionaries’ missionary! He’s our ENGAGE speaker for 2023. Our prayer time was a huge blessing to me. Rick’s desire to see people saved moves me to a greater love for souls. If possible, gather your family and ask the Lord to pour out showers of blessings upon us. He’ll do it!!!

Sunday’s Bible study begins at 9:45AM. Our nursery is available, and there is a class for everyone. Come on in and join a class. You’ll be encouraged by what you hear. You’ll even make a new friend or two. Cheryl and I will see you in the morning. God bless you… you are loved!

Mike and Cheryl <><