Hello Praying Friends!

 What an awesome day today! I know you’re enjoying it. What a huge blessing from our God. Thank the Lord for His grace and goodness to us all. 

 Your prayers matter! Keep praying… thank you! I’m looking forward to sharing James 2:1-13 in our Morning Worship Service at 11:00am. Please join us! Summertime can put a drag on our spiritual lives. We all get a little laid back at times. Let’s not fall victim to a summertime spiritual drift. It can happen to us all. I, like you, enjoy time off for family fun and rest. We all need that… but at the same time we must stay focused on the Lord and His work in us and around us. I love and appreciate you so much! Also, Sunday Bible Studies begin at 9:45am. Our adult classes are in the book of Jeremiah now. We offer classes and childcare for your children as well. 

 Here are a few things to pray about today: Doris Weathersby phys., Billy Peede phys., Judy Redifer, Julia Jones, JB & Elsie Nichols, Hope is Alive home, those we invite to church, preaching and teaching of God’s Word, family needs, those needing jobs, personal struggles at home and work, children’s needs, spiritual struggles each of us face, strengthening of our church family, missions giving, Greenville community, Awana families in India being persecuted and now homeless, our nation and leaders, kids going to camp this week and leaders, etc. Feel free to forward requests to me as well. [michmeshaw@hotmail.com]

 John 3:30 (KJV) He must increase, but I must decrease.

 I hope you have a great day! See you tomorrow… God bless you and yours! 

Mike and Cheryl <><