Hello Praying Friends, 

We have a number of things to pray about tonight! As children of God, we can be thankful that our LORD is faithful to His Word and His people! When the Lord tells us to “Call” upon Him, He means it! He’s faithful to His people. I know some folks that are struggling tonight with great physical needs. Some are grieving the loss of loved ones. Yet they trust the Lord for His healing touch. Again, I do appreciate you allowing me to share my heart with you on Saturday evenings! The Lord knows!

Early in the morning our teens will be leaving for Word of Life Camp near Tampa, Florida. Pray for them and pray for Pastor Chuck as he drives. Pat Hoffman, the Todd Beaman family [Tori, Taylor, Terri], the Greg Myers family, Janet Tripp, Nancy Nydam, Emil and Val Knowles, Austyn Meshaw [traveling to LA on a Teen Mission Trip], Lori Willis, Johnnie Willis, Cate and Cayce, Dom’s family traveling, David Stahl, Sharon Jordan, Luke Wills, Nikki Walker, Lynn Ferrell, Lin Almond, and Fletcher Dickerson. These and others need our prayers. We praise the Lord for those who have saved and baptized lately!!! I appreciate your prayers for the message tomorrow from Psalm 2. With our teens traveling, I thought it best to wait until next week to conclude our sermon series on Jonah. I think they will appreciate that… they have heard every message so far! In our 11:00AM Morning Worship Service we will be serving Communion. Tomorrow evening Chris Hayes is giving a Life Profile of our Lord Jesus at 5:15PM. Join us… we’ll enjoy God’s Word and fellowship with each other. 

God bless you all! Bless your families, and those that the Lord lays upon your hearts. As God’s people, let’s be sure to pray this evening for our time of worship together. Luke 18:1 (KJV) And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint. 

Love you all! 

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