Hello Grace Church!

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday! We continue on our Road to the Empty Tomb!!! What a grand thought… Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave! On top of that He is coming again, and it may be today! Our road to the empty tomb has been a winding one taking us to the place of a skull, Golgotha! Tomorrow, we find a place to stop and think and to consider Israel’s final rejection of Jesus. The people continue to “hang on His words,” while the religious establishment is set on crucifying Him! Take a few minutes to refresh your memory regarding the events surrounding Easter and Jesus’ resurrection by reading Luke 19:28-48

Here are a few payer requests: Pat Hoffman, Elsie Nichols, Lori Willis, Natalie Marshall, Karen Rawls and family, our Palm Sunday and Easter services, our Grace Choir as they prepare for Easter Sunday, Luke Wills, Hope Alive Ministries, Ukraine, Beverly Myers, Brad Smith family, Neal Nydam, and others who need to be saved. THANK YOU for sharing your faith! People need the Lord. Our churches and nation need a revival. Your prayers for the preaching of the Gospel encourage me and other preachers of the Gospel.  

Tomorrow our Grace Church teens will share a special presentation in the service. Teagan Valerioti will sing as well. My text is Luke 19:41-48 “The Tears of Jesus.” You can also expect some wonderful singing from our Grace Choir as well.  David Jordan is speaking on “Paul, the Apostle” in our evening service at 5:15PM. 

UKRAINE UPDATE: Thank you for your donations to Olena and Lesia Zintzchouk for Ukraine! On Monday we will send out an updated list of supplies needed. Your contributions have made a difference. Thank you, Coral Whichard, for helping with this good ministry!  

Luke 19:41 And when He was come near, He beheld the city, and wept over it. 

Jesus may come today! 

Pastor Mike <><