Hello Praying Friends, 

It’s been an awesome week. The temperatures have been up and down… beautiful days!!! I’ve been praying for our country… please join me. The LORD is gracious and merciful. I can see judgment on the horizon. Let’s pray for our nation to repent and to turn back to the Lord. Pray for our churches and ministers as well. Thank the Lord that daily we have open doors before us to share the Gospel and to invite folks to join us at the cross of Christ! Keep praying… rejoice in the fact that God is faithful to hear and answer us as we pray! Here is a list of people we can all pray for. You probably do not everyone on this list, but they all will appreciate your prayers. No one has ever down my prayers ☺️

Pat Hoffman [At church recently… keep praying], Sarah and Amy [Dom’s sisters], Dave Pettitt [Upcoming knee surgery], JB & Elsie Nichols [Healing for cancer], Audrey Lee, Natalie Marshall, Kenneth Smith, Rick Brixon [upcoming eye surgery], David Blackman, Bill Stancill [Home recovering], Ray Evans, Becky Thorpe [Home recovering from surgery], Sarah Gay [Answered], Dennis Day, Coral Whichard, Chuck and Jan Wadley [Chuck cancer treatments], David Stahl, Eddie Hilliard, Mike Langley, Cathy Zeigler [Knee replacement recovering], Nathaniel Hill [Home/better], Tony Simonetti, Brad Smith [Vidant now], Cate Campbell, Selma [Darlene Wade’s mother], Tricia Garrett, Eloisa Martinez, Marisa Martinez, the Maury Darden family, and President Biden and our nation. 

Your prayers for these and for our services are greatly appreciated! Matthew 7:7 (KJV) Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you! Prayer matters! 

Your prayers are making a difference! Keep praying!!!

Pastor Mike <><