Hello Grace Church Family and Friends, 

We are on the front edge of ENGAGE 2021! Our conference will be here before you know it. Needless to say, I am excited about it. We missed ENGAGE 2020, but not 2021!!! But finally, we’re back for ENGAGE and we’re ready for it to say the least. Here are a few things that are new for 2021:  

1) We’ve added BT Babatunde to our mission team. She is a recent graduate of UNC. BT has a heart for the students in Chapel Hill. You will be blessed by her testimony. Through her outreach ministry we will touch the lives of many students.  

2) In 2021 we are using our online capability to reach missionaries in faraway places such as Africa. Last Sunday Pastor Jamin’s Sunday Bible study enjoyed a conversation with Michael Meshaw in Kenya. It went great! Hopefully, we’ll be in touch with James Byakika in Uganda via the internet as well.  

3) Grace Church is reaching ECU through the Pirate Baseball Team. Pastor Jamin and our friend Webb Tyndall provide Bible studies and counsel for these fine baseball players. [Thank you, Chuck Young!]  

4) Sherry Thornton, the Executive Director of Pitt Counties’ Carolina Pregnancy Center, will be making her first presentation here at Grace Church. You’ll see excitement when you meet Sherry! These are just a few of the highlights for ENGAGE 2021!  

With these things in mind, make sure you have signed up for Friday’s ENGAGE Fellowship Dinner and Saturday’s breakfast and lunch. Go to gracechurchnc.com and signup or call our church office at 252-355-3500. Leave a message if necessary. Our Grace Church Choir will be singing! Also, Pastor Chuck and our Children’s Ministry Team will provide care and instruction for our children. This year we are introducing our “New” Puppet Ministry. Your kids are going to have a blast. There are other special things planned for our children! We’ve been praying, planning, and preparing for ENGAGE for many weeks now. Be in your place and feel free to invite your family and friends! We are going to have an awesome weekend! Pray before you come. Ask the Lord to touch your heart as you attend. Let’s do this together!  

As you know, in 2020 we missed our ENGAGE MISSIONS CONFERENCE. Well, it’s here and when it’s over our Lord Jesus will have been honored. Our desire to share the Gospel will be enflamed, and our Faith Promise Missions Ministry will be full speed ahead. I can’t impress upon you how significant these days are for our church. The light of the glorious Gospel of Christ pierces the darkness of this world. Our marching orders are clear. We’ve been called to reach the world or Jesus’ sake! I’ll see you tomorrow night at 5:45PM for dinner. Pray for our speaker, Dr. Ron Barnes, Jr. You’ll meet him tomorrow night!  

The Nations for Christ!  

Pastor Mike <><