Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise You for being our Protector from the evil one. His schemes are crafty and his attacks are vicious, but help us not to fear. Your almighty Hand is more than powerful enough to deliver us. 

You have promised that we are, as Paul wrote, “more than conquerors” against the enemy. But in order to gain the victory, we must join in the battle. You call us to become spiritual warriors. Lead us to first seek Your presence. Then, help us to understand Your Word better, and to worship You more fully. Give us humility to admit our faults and to rely on Your grace.

Lord, thank You for each piece of spiritual armor we’ve been given. Keep the truth firmly in our hearts and minds. Make us ready to share the Good News everywhere. And let prayer always be on our tongues.

In Jesus’ Name,


Source: Heather Adams []