Hello Grace Church Family and Friends,

Thank the Lord for His promises and His presence! Given our present world conditions, we are certainly safe in the almighty hands of our God! The songwriter sang, “We are safe in the arms of Jesus.” He was so right! Yes, the world is in chaos and upheaval in many places. Haiti is still suffering from the aftershocks of a devastating earthquake. Reports tell us of many needs represented among the people there. Then again, the Afghan people are suffering on many fronts. Safety is certainly an ongoing concern for most of them. The Taliban are looking to even the score with “American sympathizers,” which means death for many. The Christians there were under threat before we exited! Their fears are no doubt compounded. As God’s people we cannot ignore these two events. We cannot act as though they are not happening, because they are. At this time, it is hard to know just what we can do to help them. BUT we know that we can pray! Please take a few minutes to review the things I have mentioned here. Then pray about them! Over the next few days pray for the wellbeing of our brothers and sisters. There are Christians in Haiti and in Afghanistan. When Jesus comes again, we will all be together. God will vindicate Himself and His people. Paul’s words to the Thessalonian church fit well here… PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! Do not get bogged down with the news reports or the talking heads. Let the peace of God rule in your hearts. Let prayers flow through your hearts and from your lips. The Lord is true to His Word. He will answer you. Some have compassion making a true difference in a fallen world. Join me, and let’s see what the Lord will do. 

This Sunday Pastor Jamin will preach from I John 2. John’s words are always fresh for us as God’s children. Know this about the Apostle John… he always shared from a heart filled with love for Jesus and for His church. Pray for Pastor Jamin as he prepares his own heart to share. I am excited about Sunday’s service. I’ve already heard some of the music; you will be blessed by what you hear. On Sunday, August 29th we will be having another PRAYER SERVICE. Your feedback on our last PRAYER SERVICE was very encouraging. Many were touched. I am already looking forward to it. 

Here’s some family news. Cheryl and I were in Chattanooga with the family almost two weeks ago now. Chandra tested positive for covid and was not able to do much. Thank the Lord she is better now and back to work. Austyn and Cyler have started school. They have friends now and like their new schools. They have a wonderful church. Chandra’s sisters attend there along with their families. It was tough to leave them, but we had to get back. Thank you for praying for them as they work through their new move! The Lord is good!

Also, this Sunday you will be able to sign up for the BLOOD DRIVE on Saturday, August 28th. The Blood Drive will be conducted at Grace Church. The company hosting the Blood Drive makes a donation to our Faith Promise Missions Ministry for everyone participating. Your family and friends may want to give. You may invite them to participate! If you are able to give, it will help those in need of transfusions and missions as well. Thank you!

Psalm 100:5 (KJV) For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endures to all generations.

You are loved!

Mike and Cheryl <><