Hello Praying Friends,

This has been an unusual week. Pastor Jamin has been out all week. He and a few others are now almost 10 days in after testing positive for covid. They are all better now! Praise the Lord. At this point Pastor Chuck and myself have tested negative for covid. Both of us were tested this week. Thank you for praying. We are thankful for the Lord’s goodness. My pastor friends in Greenville tell me that they have a few cases in their churches. I’m thankful that none of us have to miss any services. Prayers matter!!! 

Tomorrow’s message will end our short series on the powerful prophecy of Habakkuk! I never realized just how impactful his prophecy was! It’s now clear as day that Habakkuk’s word applies today just as it did in 609-605BC. What a word! What a beautiful ending to a very relevant prophetic message. I love the way the Holy Spirit brings his message home. If you have time tonight read chapter three and you will see what I am saying. 

Last night I spoke to one of my friends at Vidant. I told him that our pastors and deacons were praying for him. He said, “Prayer works, Tell them to keep on praying for me. I appreciate their prayers.” These are days of prayer. It seems that stuff is coming our way at a faster pace than ever! Habakkuk’s prayer life was definitely enhanced, especially when he heard that the Babylonians were coming to town! Here’s a word for us all… keep praying and trusting the Lord! Be assured that our Lord is watching. He is expecting our prayers. So, let’s pray! 

TEAM means together everyone achieves more! We’re a team, so do your part and stay on the front lines. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:7 (KJV) Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. 

We’re in this together! Brothers and sisters, pray on! 

PM <><