Dear praying friends,

The Lord is faithful! He’s always compassionate and longsuffering with His children even as we confess our sins.  Entering into His presence always brings us a sweet and pleasing experience emptied of self. Fellowshipping with the Lord should be the greatest desire of our hearts. Remember, we are His children! Just think what it would be like if every church service was blanketed and smothered with the prayers of God’s people. Imagine the love, joy, peace and every other fruit of the Spirit being manifest in and through every worshiper… let that sink in. It would truly be amazing what would happen all around us and in us. What would it be like if we went to every church service with an overwhelming desire to be together and to worship our Lord as one? Honestly, it’s hard to imagine what might happen. You know what? Let’s all pray that this would happen tomorrow at Grace Church, and see what the Lord might do! I can only imagine!!!   

Tomorrow, we have two baptisms and a family joining our Grace Church fellowship! I’m beside myself with the joy of the Lord. It’s truly remarkable to see people saved and baptized in a service. It’s always a huge blessing to see our church family enlarged with folks who are growing in their faith and love our people. What a thought!!! The Lord is good! 

Rest assured that I am praying for you tonight! Your faithfulness in prayer blesses me… thank you! 

PM <><