Dear Praying friends,
Thank you again for your faithful prayers. Without prayer the message is powerless… the Lord only knows how weak we are in the flesh. We are in a sense preaching this message together. Together in prayer we seek the power of God’s Spirit upon His Word. Isaiah 52:13-15 serves as an introduction to Isaiah 53 The Suffering Servant Scripture. I am looking forward to teaching through these verses over the next few weeks. I am so thankful you are with me on this.
Prayers for my daughter in law Chandra. Add our grandsons, Austyn and Cyler to your prayers as well. They are of major concern for us. The boys started school last week. Chandra works as well, so she is a busy mother. Your prayers for them are deeply appreciated. They know people are praying… thank you! Cheryl and I plan to see them tomorrow.
Please continue to pray for our church family as well. This past week Tammie Hardee’s brother Maehew Haddock passed away. His service is tomorrow at Wilkersons 4:00PM. If you can attend that service I know that Tammie and her family would greatly appreciate it. Our dear pastor friend Robert Kornegay, his wife Josie passed away this week as well. You might remember that Josie battled cancer for years. She is now with Jesus. Pray for Robert.
Thank you again for being my prayer partners. I’m not sure I would make it without your sustaining prayers. I love you!

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