Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

Where to begin is the most difficult part of this presentation! There are so many things to be said about Mothers. Let’s begin by saying that God brought great glory to Himself when He created Eve! With Eve came Motherhood… for she was a byproduct of God’s creation.

God knew how He would use motherhood. His first hint was given when He said “Be fruitful and multiply.” All of us have been blessed by God’s most wonderful act of motherhood. We could say that God chose who would be our mother. Think about that for a moment. It makes sense. God sovereignly chose a mother for each of us! He chooses the right mother and even chooses the precise time we would be conceived and birthed. This places a divine emblem upon women and motherhood! HOW SPECIAL IS THIS!!!

The mother’s work begins at conception as she carries her baby. At conception mothers begin to give of themselves… they share their bodies with their baby! Mother’s carry babies and care for the baby. Mother’s instinctively bear and nurture their babies. Mothers carry babies inside their bodies, and they carry them outside their bodies. This shows the power and strength of Mothers.

Then again, motherhood continues. Mothers also possess a lifelong heart filled with compassion. Mothers hold us. Mothers calm us. Mothers cradle us. A mother’s compassion is rivaled only by the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Mothers see us as when we were born. We are always their children! Regardless of how old we are, Mom is always Mom. She never ages, at least not in our minds! She in fact gets better with age. Even when she can’t express her love, you can see it in her eyes. You can sense it in her spirit; it’s a God thing! God made her that way! It’s a mother’s compassion. Mother’s love, like Jesus loved, is the best way to say it… to the very end. Nobody cares for us like our mothers care.

The sacrifice of motherhood is a natural thing. Mothers are like Jesus in this. Mothers are constantly emptying themselves to serve us in so many ways! Motherhood is truly special. God made mothers. He places it in our hearts to love our mothers. God moves us to care for our mothers. God watches over mothers. God made mothers so much like Himself. Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!