This has been a week filled with suspense! Hurricane Dorian was a formidable threat! But the Lord had other plans. Being from Wilmington, I have been through many hurricanes. Dorian was mild in comparison to others of the past. We did get some wind gusts and lots of rain. One of my friends said today, “And we needed the rain!” All in all, the Lord was good! At the same time, we should be praying for those that took the worst of Dorian! We should also be thankful for the Lord’s protection and safety!

Tomorrow I will continue my message from I John 3:1-3, entitled “Loved Like Never Before.” Think about that, “Loved Like Never Before.” Remember to keep these words in perspective. God’s love for His children and church are beyond our understanding. Surely, this side of heaven we will not fully understand His love for us! At the same time, think about the life giving and life changing power of God’s love. He loved us when we were totally and completely unable and unwilling to love Him! Ponder that thought! The fact is this; God’s love changes us in more ways than we can count! God’s love provides us with the supreme motivation to love Him and those around us. Our lives are meaningless and purposeless without the Lord and His love! 

1 John 4:19 (KJV) We love Him, because He first loved us.

I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Continue to pray for my Mother. She is resting now, Mom is ready to meet her Lord! The Lord has been gracious and merciful to her. We praise Him on Mom’s behalf! We love you! Thank you for loving us as you have! Pray for our services and bring a friend!

In Christ Alone!

Mike and Cheryl <><