Hello Grace Church!
I deeply appreciate each one of you! Grace Church is a unique family of believers chosen by God to represent Him right here in Greenville and Pitt County! Cheryl and I are blessed by the Lord to serve among you… we love you and we love what we do. We have been called to reach out into this area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful privilege we share! Our staff regularly prays for you as you move back and forth from school, your jobs and other places. We ask the Lord to use you and your family to point people to Christ. We share the Gospel and we pray that you will share your faith as well. I want to see people come to Christ and be saved. I want to see people discipled as followers of Jesus! I desire this for our church and our community. I also want to see it in our church family. I want to see those that are saved baptized. If you have questions about your relationship with the Lord, please call us or contact one of your church friends that can help you get your life right with the Lord. If you or your children need to be baptized, let’s do it. After becoming a Christian one should follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Please share your faith with others this includes your children and grandchildren. Make sure they are saved! Make sure they are baptized! If you need help with this, please contact me, Jamin, Chuck or your friends within the church. Answer questions, follow up and let’s be obedient to the Lord as we grow in our faith. These are very important Christian truths. Let’s do them together.
Sunday morning we will come together around the Lord’s Table. The Lord has given us specific instructions regarding Communion. Jesus said, “This do ye in remembrance of Me.” Why do we share in Communion every month of the year? Here’s why: as believers we must not forget what the Lord did for us at Calvary. Jesus died on the cross making it possible for us to be set free from the penalty of our sins. Jesus hung on the cross for you and for me. He set us free so that we can serve Him until He returns. As your pastor, I take the Lord’s Table very seriously. I encourage you to do the same. If you have not received Communion over the past few months, you should be with us this Sunday at 11:00AM. Prepare your heart by reading Luke 22:1-22. I will see you at The Lord’s Table on Sunday.  
I am so privileged to be the pastor at Grace Church. The Lord is blessing His work among us. I believe the Lord has greater things for His church… for us! I look back and see the blessings of the Lord on us. I am very thankful! But He has more for us… being satisfied with the past is not an option. Growing together is always better! See you Sunday!
Loving like Jesus!
Mike and Cheryl <><