Dear Heavenly Father,

In the lovely name of Jesus, open our eyes that we might see Your wonderful works in the incarnation of Your Son, Jesus Christ. What a marvel to consider, God becoming man, God condescending to the low estate of sinful man! What a marvel! God entering this sin cursed world in an act of humiliation and redemption. Lord, help us to see this as an act of divine love under the banner of Your grace! Help us to see Jesus as the angels over the shepherds saw Him, as the Savior bringing “good tidings of great joy” to those that do not deserve it! Lord, help us to see ourselves as Your Spirit sees us in our fallenness and brokenness! Lord, let us experience the baby Jesus as the Savior humbled beneath the weight of our sins. Then, let us see Him as our crucified, risen and ascended Advocate before our Father in heaven. Lord, give us eyes to see the Christ child as our Redeemer and Friend! Let us say with the heavenly host, “glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” In Jesus precious and holy name, amen!