Dear Father in heaven, You have proven Your love for us as sinners, by sending Jesus into this sin cursed world to redeem us. Lord, sin abounds everywhere! We so often seek our own way, fulfilling the desires of our flesh. You know our waywardness! Search our hearts oh God, and show us the depths of our rebellion against You! Thank You for cleansing us and for forgiving us. We do not deserve the grace and mercy You have poured out upon us. Jesus paid it all; all to Him we owe. Set us free to know You and to glory in the cross of Jesus. Let Your Spirit lead us to a place of peace and rest in Christ. Let us feel Your loving presence and let us rejoice in it. We long to abide in You; we long to see Your face! Thank You for the confident assurance we possess in knowing that our sins are forgiven and that one day we will see You in all of Your glory! Lord, help us! May we not settle for the fading glory of this world. We long to dwell in the eternal light of the Heavenly City in Your presence. Thank You for giving us hope; our hope is in Jesus, the holy and righteous Son of God! In His precious and matchless name we pray. Amen!