Dear God of Heaven and Earth,

Our hearts are resting in You! We rest in Your unchanging grace! We rest in Your unfailing love! We rest in Your tender mercies! We are at peace with You and within ourselves knowing that we can trust You. Lord, Your faithfulness strengthens our resolve to be faithful to You until we enter Your presence, as Your sons and daughters. Our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving and praise. We bless Your holy name! Thank You for watching over us. Thank You for supplying our daily needs. Thank You for Your promises upon which we stand. We are secure in Your everlasting Word that leads us to confess our sins and failures. Cleanse our hearts and give us influence among those that are lost in their sins and do not know Jesus. Let us be light! Let us light up this dark world so that others may see the glorious light of Your saving Gospel. Let us rejoice that we know You and that You know us. We are Your sheep; yes, the sheep of Your pasture. As Your church, we are thankful, and we are grateful! Our hearts overflow knowing that Jesus is coming again and that it may be today! In His precious and holy name we pray, Amen!