It is a tremendous privilege to live in America! By God’s sovereign grace we were born in the greatest country in the history of the world. For that, let’s be grateful! Why is America great? America is great because America is known for freedoms that allow every Christian to worship according to the foundations given in Holy Scripture. Sunday after Sunday with great liberty of soul my freedom guarantees that I can preach the Gospel unhindered without fear of unlawful interference. What a privilege… what a cherished right I possess. But how is all of this possible? Our Heavenly Father, no doubt, sovereignly rules over our affairs as a nation that is without question! At the same time, He uses men and women who vigilantly guard these freedoms we all possess as Americans. MEMORIAL DAY is the day that we as God’s people pay tribute to those of our Armed Forces who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. As Christians and as Americans, let us not forget the religious foundations our patriotic forefathers have handed down to us. Also, let us not forget the blood, sweat and tears that constantly flows as a reminder of our freedom! Let us all be proud Americans and thankful Christians!

GRADUATE RECOGNITION DAY is scheduled for Sunday, June 4th. This time of the year always has its’ smiling faces because of Graduation Day! Yearly we acknowledge their accomplishments. At Grace Church we are proud of our graduates. Graduates, God has blessed you with all that you have. Let the Lord use you and bless you as you move forward with your life. The Lord will be your Loving Friend and Constant Companion. TRUST HIM! Please join us on GRADUATE RECOGNITION DAY and let us bless you in the name of the Lord!   

Let me also take a minute to encourage you as a child of God. Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and His church! I stand amazed as the Lord continues to use us here in Greenville. As you go about your daily lives let the Lord use you to magnify your Savior Jesus Christ. You may be the only Bible some people ever see… you are “Living Epistles” for your Lord. What the Lord is doing in your life is worth sharing! Today is the day of salvation for someone you know. Share your faith today… someone needs to hear your story. Tell them today!

Christ Above All!
Mike and Cheryl <><