Hello Grace Church Family and Friends!

Recently Cheryl and I traveled over 16,000 miles to and from Kenya! It really was a great trip. Our April, 2016 version of the same trip was filled with schedule changes and flight time changes. It was awfully tiring! Our recent trip was much better. One thing that I noticed was the people. People from all over the world filled the airport waiting areas. I asked myself the question, “I wonder how many of these people know Jesus? I wondered how many of them had heard any form of Gospel presentation. At times it was overwhelming to conclude that they were in darkness without a witness for Christ! I want to encourage you to do two things: 1) Be a witness for Jesus. Share with others what someone else shared with you. Sharing your story of how you came to Christ is a powerful to spread the “Good News.” 2) Give to our Faith Promise Missions Ministry. If we all gave out of what the Lord has given us, we could add some new missionaries. We could expand our mission outreach! Right now we have some wonderful families needing our support. Do your part to financially support our missions outreach. Just this week one of the families that came to ENGAGE 2016 called and asked if we could support them. They are ready and willing to go to South Africa. I am asking you to do something special… support families that want to go overseas to evangelize and make disciples for Christ. Join me and Cheryl and give to Faith Promise Missions. If you already give and can add to what you are presently giving, that would be awesome. Let’s come together and support the Great Commission. Sharing and giving go together. You do not have to be a member of Grace Church to give to missions. Go online at gracechurchnc.com. There you can designate your gift for missions. You will not regret giving to missions. You will in fact feel honored to help others go because you gave!

On Saturday, April 15 from 11:00AM-1:00PM we are hosting a Children’s Easter Activity. We will have an Easter egg hunt and lunch together at our picnic area. This is will be a fun-time for your family and for our church. This activity is also an opportunity for you to invite your friends to join you. What a great way to introduce them to your church. Our Sunday School classes are helping us with candy and food for lunch. Don’t miss it! If you have any questions, please see Pastor Jamin and Kelly or call Seth at 252-355-3500. They can help you with your questions!

Easter Sunday is April 16! Pastor Jamin and our worship ministries have some tremendous music and singing planned for our Easter Celebration. The theme for our Easter Worship Service is ALL RISE! The Lord is worthy of every ounce of praise we can give Him!!! Psalm 150:6 says, Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. YES! Easter is going to be a great time of honoring our Risen Lord! I can’t wait! Pray with me for EASTER SUNDAY! 

Commitment… Christ Above All!

Mike and Cheryl <><