In January of 2001 I shared a message from Acts 3. As I recall, it was my first or second message as pastor of Grace Church. I choose the Scripture because of its theme. Let me explain! Acts 3 highlights the healing of a “certain lame man.” It is possible that Peter and John had seen him and maybe even knew him. But my focus was not upon this “certain lame man,” it was “Peter and John.” Think about that for a moment, “Peter and John.” These men were apostles, brothers in Christ and co-laborers in the first church in Jerusalem. Yet, they were totally different in their personalities and reputations. Peter was boisterous and loud. John was known as “the Apostle of Love.” Yes, they were different and yet Acts 3:1 says, “Peter and John.” How could they be so different and yet the Lord placed them side by side in His work for His glory? The answer is not difficult! Jesus did it! “Peter and John” placed the priority upon Jesus and the Gospel. This passage also points out that they were on their way “together” to the Temple for “prayer.” Their common bond was a clear focus upon JESUS and the work HE had been called them to do! “Together” for “prayer” they served Jesus and shared the Gospel with “a certain lame man.” “Peter and John” saw the power of the Gospel on display!!! This is what happened, Acts 3:8-9 And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God. 9 And all the people saw him walking and praising God.” The Lord’s desire for Grace Church, for you and your family, has not changed since January of 2001. Yes, Jesus did it! Jesus brought them “together” for “prayer.” Their Connection was JESUS! Their focus was “prayer.” TAKE SOME TIME… apply these simple conclusions to your life and see what happens!   

WEDNESDAY EVENING PRAYER MEETINGS begin on Wednesday, June 1 at 6:30 PM. Make these family oriented prayer times a priority this summer. As I have mentioned before our priority is to pray together. Throughout June, July and August we are focusing on prayer. Over the past two summers our Sunday School classes have enjoyed “prayer fellowships” together. This summer we plan to expand on these, and give emphasis to building relationships within our church family! I am excited about these special times together. Coming together around prayer will provide us all a great opportunity to grow together. A few months ago I started teaching Sunday School again. I love it! Cheryl has a ladies class and we are looking forward to our time with our classes. We will be saying more about this summer in the next few weeks.

THANK YOU… The Lord is good! A few weeks ago I gave you an update on our giving for January and February! You responded! Grace Church has a reputation for being a giving church! Our 2016 budget is $387,369.00. Our weekly goal is $7,450.00. In March and April our weekly average was $7,124.00. This is UP significantly from January and February’s weekly average of $6770.00. The Lord is good! Be faithful in your giving and in your attendance… OUR LORD IS WORTHY!