John Piper, a must read… “Christianity is not a will power religion. It is not a religion of decisions to do what you don’t want to do. It is a supernatural work of God, by which you are born again, so that you want God more than you want anything. And if you don’t want God more than you want anything, you’re not a Christian. That’s what the new birth is. It takes hearts that are in love with the world and puts them in love with Christ, and His Father, and the gospel, and the glory of being saved and promised to go into everlasting paradise of joy. And if it’s a ho hum, boring, insignificant thing to you and everything else in the world is real to you, you’re not a Christian. I don’t care how many decisions you’ve made, how many aisles you’ve walked, how many cards you’ve signed. I don’t care…what church you go to, that’s not Christianity…It is very threatening. Yes it is. It’s terrifying to learn that my heart has to be changed in order to be a Christian. I have to have values that are new, passions that are new, desires that are new, joys that are new…to become a Christian is to be given a new heart…Jesus, now, is your highest treasure…”