A few months ago I heard Pastor John MacArthur say (I’m paraphrasing), “My books on heaven are my least popular.” I thought, “Wow, I wonder why he said that?” He went on to say something like this, “People are so taken by this world that they just don’t think about heaven.” Shaking my head, I thought, “What does this say to us about our faith and the Gospel?” In the past few weeks and days I have been thinking more about heaven. In studying Romans I came to chapter 5:2 which says, “… and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” We all know “heaven” is a real place. We know it! But “heaven” is more than a place. It is the place where JESUS is. JESUS is in heaven at the right hand of His Father. Let these words sink in… JESUS is in heaven! Paul reminds us in Philippians that we are citizens of heaven. The more I study my Bible and the more I think about heaven, the more I think about seeing JESUS! Church, this world is not our home. Where JESUS is, is home! Are you so taken by this world that being with JESUS in heaven is just something written in the Bible? Romans 5:2 means something! It says, “… and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” Think about it, let it sink in and see if it changes the way you view your life. I think it will! Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” Heaven is where JESUS is. Run these words through your heart, and let them affect how you live your life!

THANK YOU for giving to the Carolina Pregnancy Center. The CPC is part of outreach here in Greenville. I am proud of what they do! Saving babies is a godly work. Some think of this as a political issue. I don’t! I see it as a Biblical call, a way for us to minister to Greenville in a uniquely Christlike way. Saving babies is what Jesus would do. Again, our partnership with our brothers and sisters at the CPC is worth our time and financial support! God bless you!

SESSIONS… This Sunday evening at 5:45 pm, during AWANA, we begin a new SESSION entitled, Praying with Paul. No one is satisfied with their prayer lives. Me included! Join me and others as we study the Apostle Paul’s prayer life. I NEED IT, AND YOU NEED IT. OUR CHURCH NEEDS IT! Prayer is an area we can study together and grow together as we pray together! Invest a few Sunday evenings with some of your brothers and sisters, and learn to pray! You will not regret it! If we need anything at Grace Church, it’s prayer! At home, at work, in our daily lives, we need prayer!!! Join us; you will be glad you did!