Dr. Ray Pritchard writes, Abraham believed to the point of action. Would you like one simple proof of that fact? Abraham did something that must have seemed truly ridiculous before Isaac was born. He changed his name. In the beginning, his name was Abram, which meant “Exalted father.” That in itself was a kind of cruel joke since he wasn’t a father at all until Ishmael was born at the age of 86. But now he changes his name to Abraham, which means “Father of many nations.” But note the chronology. He changed his name not only before Isaac was born, but before Isaac was even conceived. He changed his name while his body was still dead and Sarah’s womb was still closed. He said, “I am about to become the father of many nations, so that’s what I’ll call myself.” That’s faith! If his friends thought he was crazy before, now they think he’s certifiably nuts. But that’s Abraham. His faith moved him to action.