Dr. Robert S. Rayburn describes justification in these insightful terms! “Many of us have known this and believed this for years. We run the risk of thinking it old hat. We must take hold of ourselves and consider the facts again. Go over the ground again. Try your very best to be good, your very best; you sin still and you know it. You sin all the time. You sin in every conceivable way. You are thinking of new ways to sin every day you live. You are inventing new sins in your life every day you live, and you know it! A man attempting to meet the perfect standards of God’s holiness is like a man trying to climb out of the water on a ladder made of water. He gets nowhere! You and I were facing the wrath of God and were helpless to change our fate. And God intervened and offered us a life jacket, a rope – righteousness through faith in His Son.”

Remember…How near we were to ruin; how safe and warm we are now in the refuge Christ has provided. We take fresh heart and go on: saved but chastened; justified, right with God, deeply grateful and joyful for what the Lord has done for us, but not forgetting how close we came to utter ruin. That is what the Gospel means and what thoughts and feelings it creates in the believing heart!”