Some time ago I heard someone say, “Every day is a new day!” Think about it like this. Every day the sun comes up and the sun goes down… night falls, and the daylight breaks! Considering that the Lord setup His creation in this fashion, what does it mean for us as His children? The Word of God connects the Lord with everything that happens in our lives. Every day we live, we do so knowing that it could be our last. Therefore, we should live our lives purposefully and intentionally desiring to please the One who made us and the One who has absolute control over how long we live. Every day is a gift from God. Wrap up each day knowing that you have brought honor and glory to your Maker and to your God! Church, one day Jesus is coming again. Be ready when He comes, and serve with the intention of taking as many others with you as possible. You were saved by His design… to live out the days He made specifically for you to live… live and breathe with Him is mind!

CHALLENGE… Begin 2016 with a strong desire to grow in your walk with the Lord. Be faithful in the services, give generously to our church ministry and missions, join a small group, and invest in a quiet time daily which includes prayer and Bible reading. Practice these few spiritual disciplines, and see the Lord work in your life! Live for Someone bigger than yourself… JESUS! This world is passing away. Remember, Jesus is Lord and His Kingdom is eternal… follow Him!

Serving with Humility!

Pastor Mike <><