Luke’s details of Paul’s “Greek Experience” are very enlightening! It’s just short of amazing. As Dick Vitale says, Paul was “mobile.” Literally, Paul was running for the Lord while at the same time running for his life. Merging these two observations is divine. How does running for God and running for your life go together? The short answer is GOD DID IT! The longer answer is that GOD DID IT acting with providential care and sovereign safety! Blending these together does not make sense from a human point of view. But when you take a look at God’s “Big Picture” for world evangelism it makes perfect sense. The Book of Acts is the Acts of the Apostles and the Acts of the Holy Spirit. Now things are little easier to understand. Tucked supernaturally away within the Acts of the Apostles, God uses “sovereign safety” to move the church outside the box or outside its’ comfort zone. Early on it’s the persecution of the Jewish authorities in tandem with the Roman Overlords. Then again, we see the Jews doing their part to hinder or halt the spread of the Gospel with its own forms of religious pressure. Regardless of the way you look at it, God’s work moves forward and the Gospel goes forth into heathen lands with great fruit! So when all is said and done we can say, Run, Paul Run!