Giving is a heart condition… a matter of deep affection! As a Christian I do not view my giving as a response to a command or commandments. I see giving as a response to Jesus Christ. Let me explain. I realize people give for various reasons. I give because I love Jesus. I was not raised in church. As a result, giving for me has never been connected primarily with the church. Giving has always been connected to Jesus and His love for me and my love for Him. As a young man and a new believer, the church I attended loved me… I responded. I loved them back! But beyond that I was also exposed to people who loved Jesus… I responded to that as well. As I recall, virtually all of my early responses as a Christian were in response to how I saw Jesus. Simply put, I saw Jesus on a cross. I believed then as I do now that He died for me. How could I be anything less than generous to Him for ALL He had done for me? I have always viewed giving as a heart issue… a matter of deep affection! To this day Cheryl and I give first and foremost out of our love for Jesus Christ. Sure we give to support our church, the living breathing body of Christ. Yet this is not our primary reason for giving. Motivation means everything when it comes to giving. Search your heart… see where you stand. Then take a good look at the cross where Jesus died for you and then respond. I think I know what you will do… generously!