WHAT A BLESSING ARE THESE WORDS! I love the church. I love everything about the church. I love the services; I love the quaint things about the church. I love the idiosyncratic members of the church, and that includes myself! We are truly, as Peter says, a peculiar people! I love the worship services, I love the prayer meetings. I love that schedule, that program that every week is the same: that Wednesday night is prayer meeting. It’s like a refuge, it’s a sanctuary. The Lord’s Day morning and evening, and Sunday School–it’s part of the way God builds us up; it’s part of the way God disciples us and grows us as Christians.

I’ve not always loved the church. I didn’t grow up in a church. I never went to church for the first eighteen years of my life, apart from maybe half a dozen occasions that I would rather blot out of my memory, they were so bad.

I love the church. Every Christian should love the church. It’s not something that we can pick and choose; it’s not something that we can decide is for some Christians and not for others. Jesus tells us here He is building His church.

This is my testimony as well… I wasn’t raised in church either. I can’t imagine not being able to attend church! THANK YOU AGAIN DR. THOMAS… THIS BLESSES ME!!!