FACES, PLACES AND DISGRACES scare me just thinking about them! Why? Well, FACES, PLACES AND DISGRACES tend to keep us from moving forward as disciples of Christ! Yes, FACES, PLACES AND DISGRACES paralyze us and keep us from doing God’s will as His servants!

Let me explain it this way. It is my privilege to walk daily with followers of Jesus. FACES, PLACES AND DISGRACES invariably come up! Sometimes my brothers and sisters are not even aware that they are looking back and living with a bent to their deeply flawed former lives. In many cases, they even seek out the faces and the places and go back to the disgraces that marked them before they met Jesus! RESCUE from our past is a built in feature of being a child of God! When you were born again, God forgave you for ALL of your past sins and gave you a future as clean and white as a wind driven snow. The problem is that as followers of Jesus we tend to forget the powerful deliverance we experience through God’s forgiveness. God has forgotten what we remember! We strive, to our detriment, in our new lives to live down our old lives! In a perverted way, we make salvation all about us!!! Why is this necessary, if we have been forgiven for ALL of our transgressions? FACES, PLACES AND DISGRACES are all in the past. They went to the cross with Jesus! The Psalmist said, they are buried in the deepest sea and you are free to live out your new life with the Spirit’s enablement! Seek out new faces, new places and new GRACE for today and leave the old faces, places and disgraces on the cross where they belong! Jesus paid it ALL… ALL to HIM I owe! Make your new life ALL about JESUS, your Risen Lord and Coming KING!