Immanuel – oh the glory! In that moment Matthew is saying “See wisdom is now personified – Immanuel. Grace is now realized – Immanuel. Love is done surpassed – Immanuel God with us. Satan is defeated – Immanuel God with us. God’s people are now delivered, saved, secured, redeemed and none will be lost, why? Immanuel, God with us.” Hell is vanquished, why? God with us. Death is conquered, why? God with us. Therefore it’s not just ‘they’ who call is name Immanuel for we will call His name Immanuel. We will sing it. We will shout it! We will whisper it for by it we are assured that we have been saved from our sins by grace to glory.

Our God is with us. Our God is one of us. Our God has died for us an atoning death. Our God is risen. Our God is interceding for us. Our God is coming for us and we will be with Him as His people for all eternity therefore we will sing Immanuel. We will whisper Immanuel. We will shout Immanuel! To the world we will tell them not about a man-made religion that only brings despair but a God-given glorious relationship, secured by the unmerited grace of God through God Himself. It is not a regiment but it is through God Himself who died for all of our sins to give us a new life. In that new life the God who came for us and died for us will be with us and is coming again for us. So if God be for us and with us, then who can be against us? Our God Immanuel with us.