Athletes hate slumps. They’ll try anything to get out of those times when they can’t hit the baseball or make a free throw or catch a pass. Baseball players change bats. Basketball players change shoes. Football players change their routine. They’ll do whatever they can to find success.

Christians should hate slumps too. We should try anything to get out of those dry spells when we can’t seem to pray past the ceiling, or when reading the Bible seems more frustrating than not winning a game all season.

A spiritual slump can make us feel forsaken by God. We struggle with troubling thoughts. Our hearts become sorrowful. We’re sure that we’re fighting a losing battle.

That was the position David found himself in as he described his situation in Psalm 13:1-2. His spiritual slump came, it seems, from a delayed response to his request for help. Yet David knew how to work his way out of the slump. First, he appealed to God (vv.3-4), the true source of spiritual refreshment in dry times. Second, he trusted God (v.5), the only One who knows the way out. Third, he sang God’s praises (v.6), knowing how important worship is.

In a slump? Plead with God, trust Him, and praise His name. Then get back in the game!

By:  Dave Branon ~ Our Daily Bread