Good afternoon, Grace Church!

 Today we had our 2023 AWANA KICKOFF! We enjoyed our time with the children and the AWANA Leadership Team. David and Kristin Stahl are doing a fine job preparing everyone for the first club meetings of the 2023 school year. The Lord is good! Pastor Chuck has done a tremendous job of transferring AWANA leadership over to the Stahl family. The Stahls have been actively serving at Grace Church for close to 20 years. They are well prepared to serve as Commanders this year. They are proven servants and want only the best for our children’s ministry. 

 Our study in the Book of James is almost complete. I’ve been privileged to preach through all 108 verses. What a privilege! Tomorrow I will be leaning into chapter 5:13-20. The Lord continues to open my spiritual eyes and point areas of weakness in my walk with Him. I’m beat up but growing. The Holy Spirit has worked us all over with the truth. If we’re all honest we have to say that the Lord has brought us closer to Himself. James started with prayer in chapter one, and now he closes the book with some very powerful words on the subject of prayer. Pray for me as I preach tomorrow. It looks like I’ll complete the JAMES study on Labor Day weekend. Bring your Bible and prepare your heart for the Spirit to deepen your walk with the Lord. 

 Pray with me over these needs:  JB and Elsie Nichols, Billy and Sandra Peede, Cindy Day, Hope is Alive Home, Lynn Garland job, AWANA beginning on Sunday, September 10, (David and Kristin Stahl leaders), 2023 ENGAGE MISSIONS CONFERENCE, Missionary Carmen Moyer coming home in September, Pat Colston, Beverly Myers cancer (very serious), Jerry Long (home recovering from cancer surgery), Katie Zeller recovering nicely from cancer surgery, Jenney Vangritus (cancer), Laurie Huffman physical needs, Todd Simpson job, New DivorceCare Class begins on Tuesday 7:00pm 9-5-23 (John and Jessica Richardson), and our Sunday morning prayer teams. Prayers for Sunday’s teaching and preaching ministry are always needed. Your prayers matter! God answers our prayers… be faithful! Our ENGAGE MISSIONS CONFERENCE is scheduled for Friday thru Sunday, October 27-29. MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Thank you again for your faithfulness! Keep your eyes on JESUS! What a joy seeing you grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! Let’s walk together until we see JESUS

Jesus is LORD! 

Mike and Cheryl <><