God‘s restoration of America has begun! Isaiah 28:18, it said that Israel had made a covenant with death… But the God of life, in His providential power, said, “Your covenant with death has been annulled.” I believe God is guiding America back to the principles of our founding covenant, those God-given, in alienable rights (Rights that cannot lawfully be taken away) … the most basic being the right to life.  

I thank God for the Supreme Court Justices appointed by former President Trump, who made this decision possible; to overturn the horrible law we call “Roe vs Wade.” I am thankful that back in 2015, this ministry was one of the first three national ministries to go on record supporting candidate Trump. What the Lord impressed on my heart from the first time I met candidate Trump, through this moment of historic legal precedent, it is always right to stand for truth, even at the risk of being misunderstood. I thank God for this SCOTUS decision today, and all Americans (especially Christian Americans) should thank God for the courageous, tenacious, former president who put natural law constitutionalists on the court.

Now the real work begins – praying for America, educating our youth, and evangelizing our neighbors…. So that we will be, again, a nation that honors life and the giver of life…. Almighty God.
For God and country,
Alex McFarland