Hello Grace Church!

GOOD NEWS! We will be having our WEDNESDAY EVENING SERVICE as planned! If you have not signed up for Wednesday’s dinner, please do so as soon as possible. You can call the church at [252-355-3500], or go to our website at gracechurchnc.com and sign up there. It is very important that you do so as soon as possible. Pastor Chuck is planning for Word of Life for our teens and for our children’s class as well. Thank the Lord that most of our teaching staff and our kids are much better than before. ALL Wednesday evening activities will resume at this time!!! We are excited needless to say! Most of the teens and children are better as well. It’s been tough but we are definitely on the upswing. I trust you are getting better as well. If you prefer wearing a mask, please do so. Do what you believe is best for your safety. Please do not hesitate to call us. We are prepared to answer your questions. We love you and yours. Your welfare is our priority for sure.  We have been praying for the healing of our people. WE WILL NOT STOP PRAYING! God bless you!

Presently, we are also looking forward to having our AWANA Children’s Ministry @ 5:00PM and our Evening Service @ 5:15PM. We have patiently prayed and waited before rescheduling these services and activities. Our AWANA staff is ready to go. If you are still sick, please do not feel obligated to be here. Get well, rest up and then come on back! Again, your safety is at the heart of these decisions. 

As you can imagine, it has concerned me with so many being sick. We have prayed faithfully for your healing! Honestly, I miss seeing you when you are not present. Admittedly, I am concerned for some of our church family. I have noticed that some of you have not returned to the regularly scheduled services. Believe me, as your pastor, that concerns me for your spiritual wellbeing. Our pastoral staff and deacons have been praying regularly for you. When you are not here, it causes me great concern. Know this, you have been missed! You are loved, your seat is empty. You are part of our Grace Church family. Shepherds care about their flock… we care about you. Hope to see you soon. 

In closing, these are some challenging days for churches and for pastors. Grace Church included! If you are planning to join us for dinner tomorrow night, please signup. Cheryl is planning the dinner. Your signing up will be a huge help! FEAR NOT!

You are loved,

Mike <><