Thank you folks for praying with me tonight…

I received this response to my email blast yesterday. “Thanks for this reminder to pray. It has been a challenging week with news of Afghanistan, my sister being sick with blood clots in her lungs, and our neighbors literally across the street from us having their homes flooded and destroyed from the seasonal rains. Tough week. May I always remember to turn to prayer first in events that are overwhelming and out of control. Yes, it has been a tough week. Take some time to PRAY! Just do it… other things can wait.” THANKS BROTHER! 

Here are some names: Ray Evans, Caiden Pruitt, Pat Hoffman, DR Daniels, Thelma Carlisle and her family (Ken Robol’s Mom), Grace Church Prayer Service tomorrow, Soldiers in Afghanistan, Church there as well, Families of our fallen heroes, President Biden, our country as a whole, Carmen Moyer on mission field now, JB and Elsie Nichols, Kathy Bowen (Cheryl’s sister in Fla.), and many others. Send me your requests and I will pray with you tonight. If I left someone out, please forgive me!

As my friend mentioned in the first paragraph, it has been a tough week on many accounts. The Lord is waiting for us to pray. Gather your family, maybe even call a friend, but pray tonight for these and others that need our prayers! 

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

You are loved… God bless you!   PM <><