Majoring On The Minors – Habakkuk 1:1-11 – David Legge – Preach The Word ­

Our Father, as we are like Habakkuk, and we cry to Thee, and sometimes we tell Thee how to answer our prayers – dear God forgive us. Lord, help us to realize that Thou art God, and there is none other. Shall the clay say to the potter…? Lord, we ask for humility to realize what we are, for the grace to realize what our God is, and who He is – that He rules in the kingdoms, and the affairs of men. And as the prophet Ezekiel was told, ‘I am doing this that they may know that I am the Lord’. Lord, we pray that we may know that Thou art the Lord – and whatever this nation needs, we realize that it needs judgement, and I’m sure that it must be nearly ripe for judgement now. But Lord we pray, oh God help us to get on our knees, help us to humble ourselves and break ourselves, contrite spirits You will receive. Lord, let the waters flow, oh God pour water upon this land that is thirsty, and come and revive us again, that Thy people may rejoice in Thee. Bless us now as we part for Christ’s sake. Amen.