Hello Grace Church!

On Monday morning, I stopped to get some gas at a nearby station. There was a small compact car parked at the pump near me. There was a young mother putting gas in her car next to my pump. As I was getting ready to pump my gas I heard a little girl in the back seat of the ladies’ car say, “Mommy, I can’t see you.” From her voice and the way she was struggling in the car seat, I could tell that it bothered her that she couldn’t see her mother. Sometimes the Christian life is like that. Honestly, life can be brutal. Things happen that we have no control over. Many of us have had that experience. It can be devastating for sure. I waited to see what the little girl’s mother would say. Without hesitation I heard her say to her daughter, “I’m right here baby.” There are times when even the most mature Christian feels just like that little girl. My experience has taught me that our Lord is always near His children. If you listen closely enough you will hear Him say, “I’m right here son,” or “I’m right here daughter.” Even when we can’t see Him, He’s always near and ready to say, “I’m right here!” Hang in there brothers and sisters, our Lord is always near and He hears our every cry. Our Heavenly Father is always a simple, sincere prayer away.

Tonight at 7:00PM we will have our Grace Church Facebook Live service. This service continues to reach people here in Greenville and other areas around us. It is a blessing receiving feedback from you and others that listen in on these services. Our Sunday service continues to minister to many as well. Thank you for supporting these Facebook Live services. Reaching people with the Gospel is our mission. These services provide a huge open door to many that we would otherwise not reach. We are thankful that we have this opportunity. Watch when you can and share the services with your friends.

I also want to thank you for your faithfulness in giving. If you can’t attend the services, you may mail in your gifts to: Grace Church, 3551 South Charles Blvd., Greenville, NC 27858. You can also give online at gracechurchnc.com. Our offices are open Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-3:00PM for you to stop by if that works best for you. Please remember that our missionaries continue to need our support. Most of them remain on the field even now. All continue to be involved in their ministries at various levels. Let’s not forget them. Thank you for faithfully supporting our Faith Promise Missions families.

Please pray as we contemplate a few changes in our schedule of services. Aside from the fact that we miss seeing you, we are looking at adding Sunday School and some small groups to our church schedule. Our pastors and deacons will be looking at these changes within the next two weeks. You be notified when our plan is complete. Thank you for your prayers. We never take lightly our responsibility as pastors and deacons. The spiritual wellbeing of our church is our priority. Be assured, we will not compromise on the physical wellbeing of our church family. Pray with us! We love you!

Pastor Mike <><