Hello Grace Church Family and Friends,

Join me by thanking the Lord for His grace and mercy in this Coronavirus crisis. Rest in the fact that our Lord is good all the time. Our Lord walks with us through the valley of the shadow of death. As you watch the news, be thankful that God is a gracious and merciful God. Be faithful church in sharing the “Good News” of the Gospel. In my 68 years, we never had such an open door as we have right now. So be bold and tell others that our Great God of love gives us hope through His Son Jesus Christ. Recently I took a few minutes and just thanked the Lord for every avenue we have to share the Gospel. I am striving here at home to do everything I can to point people to Jesus. Join me!

Tomorrow morning I will be at the church from 9:00AM until 12:00 noon. For the past few Saturday’s I have been able to pray with everyone that has stopped by for a visit. We are being wise as we visit at a distance 😊. I want to thank Henry Postel and Vicki Valerioti for maintaining our weekly office schedule from 9:00AM-3:00PM Monday-Friday. They have been faithful in serving you. Pastor Jamin, Pastor Chuck and I are staying in touch with our church family. Our deacons are doing the same. Remember, you can call us if you need us. We plan to maintain our Worship and Prayer Services on Wednesday at 7:00PM and Sundays at 11:00AM. You have been so encouraging by worshipping and praying with us. God bless you!

As you know Sunday is Palm Sunday. Our worship time will focus on preparing our hearts for EASTER SUNDAY. Please invite your family and friends to join you on our GRACE CHURCH FACEBOOK PAGE to worship our Risen Lord Jesus. Sunday’s message is entitled, “BEHOLD THE LAMB.” Our Scripture for Sunday is taken from John’s Gospel 1:29-34. This is an awesome Word from the Lord. Please pray for our city, state, nation and the world. As I said earlier, there is a silver lining here. Share the Gospel whenever and with whomever you have the opportunity. The Lord is using the Coronavirus outbreak to tender the hearts of people all around us. Glory to His matchless name!!!

The Lord is using you to bless His work at Grace Church and among our Faith Promise Missionary family. THANK YOU for your faithful offerings. Rejoice in this with me! The Lord is answering our prayers. You can stop by the office during the week, go online at gracechurchnc.com or mail your gifts to the Grace Church at 3551 South Charles Blvd. 27858. Again, your giving is a wonderful testimony to your love for Christ and His church. God is good!!!

If you have a few minutes tomorrow, stop by. I would love to see you. Jesus is Lord!

Pastor Mike and Cheryl <><