Hello Grace Church!

I am looking forward to this weekend; you probably are as well! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Make sure that you bless your mother in a nice way! Moms need to know they are loved too! Usually they do most of the loving, so this weekend make sure your Mom knows that she is loved. As most of you know Cheryl and I, along with help from my brothers and their wives, care for our mother. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in Mom’s room and thought about how much she loves and cared for us. Sometimes I feel bad because I know that I should have done more for her.  As you know I have three brothers. We all feel the same when it comes to Mom’s care. We love her and make sure that she is well cared for. I think it is always good to remember that God chose our parents for us. Love them as Jesus loved you and you’ll never regret it! Thank the Lord for the Mom and Dad He gave to you.

Since I am on the subject of love, let me touch on a couple of things. The Scriptures tell us that God is love. Every time we show forth the love of Jesus we point people to Jesus. Let’s take this seriously! The other day in Wilmington, I spent three or four minutes listening to a guy talk! When I turned to walk away he said, “Thanks for listening. Not many people take time to listen anymore!” I thought to myself, “Wow, that didn’t take long! Just a few minutes of conversation opened up his heart.” I seldom ever tell people that I am a pastor. I could tell that this guy just opened up to me because I invested a hand full of minutes in him! Will you join me and let’s ask the Lord to use us? He wants to use us if we will give Him just a few minutes. Think about it, and see how the Lord leads you and who He sends into your life. Last Wednesday night a young man came into our Wednesday evening Bible study. He was new to the area. I believe the Lord sent him to us. You never know when the Lord might bring someone to you as well!!! The truth is,  we can lead people to Jesus, if we are open and receptive to those that the Lord sends our way.

I want to thank everyone that serves in our children’s ministry. Week after week you serve! I thank the Lord for you! I don’t say it enough, but I really thank the Lord for everyone that serves our children at Grace Church. We all agree; our children are important. Try this! Thank the Lord for the people that care for your children. I thank the Lord for Beka Almond and all of her helpers. Beka is so faithful! On Sunday please be sure to thank her for her service! She will appreciate it I’m sure.

Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus! He is worthy of our very best! See you Sunday! Email me at michmeshaw@hotmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

Pastor Mike <><