The Triumph Entry ~ Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-10; Luke 19:29-38 John 12:12-15

Jesus had a powerful and influential three years of ministry. Crowds followed Him for a variety of reasons. I would have followed Jesus if I had witnessed what these people witnessed. If for no other reason, curiosity would have taken hold of me, and I would have fallen in line with the multitudes expecting something grand from the Galilean! You might feel the same way. As Jesus made His way into Jerusalem, there were crowds in front of Him and behind Him. Some no doubt followed Jesus because they had heard about His power, and they wanted to see it for themselves. Others would have followed Him anticipating what He might give them. The truth is this! Not many followed Jesus because they realized who He was. The Scriptures call Him Israel’s Messiah. According to the Prophets, Jesus was Israel’s Anointed Deliverer! Virtually any way you view it, the crowds followed Jesus because they thought Jesus would give them something. These Scriptures show us how serious they were about worshiping their Messiah.

Do you think this happens today? I do! I have asked myself, “Why am I following Jesus?” Some follow Jesus because their friends do. Others follow Jesus because of their parents. Why do you follow Him? Follow Jesus because of who He is and not for what He will give you!