Hello Grace Church!

As part of our February FAMILYLife emphasis I have been sharing a series of messages entitled, “The GREATEST of these is LOVE!” LOVE is a powerful word. God’s love is our world’s most powerful truth. Think on this… God loves sinners! God loves you and me! God “so loved” the world! GOD GAVE HIS SON JESUS TO DIE FOR OUR SINS! We can all agree on this… God’s love is powerful. It is powerful enough to rescue us from the eternal consequences of unforgiven sins!!! That’s earth shaking powerful for everyone! This Sunday, as planned, we will begin a verse by verse series through I Corinthians 13 entitled, “A MORE EXCELLENT WAY.” In this passage, Paul unpacks life changing truth regarding love that will impact each of us. Don’t miss it… your presence and prayers are deeply appreciated!

This coming Sunday morning after our Worship Service Pastor Chuck and his team are hosting a FAMILYLife Lunch to help raise money for children and teen camps this summer. Everyone is invited! Cheryl and I are onboard for Sunday… join us and many others as we support our children’s and teen ministries. You can’t go wrong on this! We are going to have a great time. See you there. If you need to sign up for the lunch, or if have any questions, you can call Vicki at 252-355-3500.  She will help you! Pastor Chuck and his team are doing an awesome work.  Be there to see it! Donations will gladly be appreciated!

Our new Sunday School books will be available this Sunday morning. As you know, we are finishing up with Genesis this coming Sunday. This has been a wonderful study through “The Book of Beginnings.” We will be moving into the New Testament for a study in the Gospel of Mark. I love being with my friends on Sundays for Bible study. I encourage you to join us at 9:45AM each week. There is a class for you. You will not regret making new friends, and you will benefit from the Bible insights you gain! Your study guide for Mark will be waiting for you this Sunday at 9:45AM. Come on over!

Enjoy your day! Think with me on “A MORE EXCELLENT WAY,” God’s way of love! See you Sunday, for worship and for lunch! Amen!

God is Love!
Mike and Cheryl <><