A Prayer for us all!

Our Father in heaven, holy is Your name! As Your people, we are thankful that Your hand of blessing has been upon our great nation! We rejoice in Your faithfulness and give You glory and praise. We renew our dependence upon You and humble ourselves in Your presence.

As we celebrate Your blessings this 4th of July, we cry out for a renewed love for You to sweep through our homes, our churches and our communities. We cry out for a new and fresh work of Your Spirit where we live and where we worship. We see our need for Your presence and for Your work among us! Truly, we are a broken and needy church and nation! It is obvious to us all that without You we can do nothing. Lord, revive us again!

Washington, our nation’s capital, is in desperate need at this very moment! We pray that our leaders would see their need to hear from You. Many of them work on their own agendas without regard for Your providential guidance. We pray for them! Lord, we need and want leaders that pray before making decisions. We need and want leaders that have a heart for people like Jesus did! We need and want leaders that do more than give lip service to the most needy and weak among us! We want and need leaders that are willing to give their lives to preserve life. Give us leaders that realize that You have placed them there to do good among us and not evil! Renew within Your church a commitment to pray for these same leaders as Your Word instructs us!

Lord, we bless You and ask for Your blessings! May this Independence Day be the one that turns our hearts heavenward. May this Independence Day be the one that lights the fires of revival in our hearts! May this Independence Day be the one that opens the door of heaven so that Your favor can be ours again!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!