Wow, what a beautiful day! I thank the Lord for you and for how the Lord is using our church in Greenville! Over 2,000 years ago we were commissioned to go out and make disciples of all nations! Making disciples results from showing people the Gospel in action. The truth of the Gospel transforms lives. Living out the Gospel touches hearts and opens doors of service! Our recent BABY BOTTLE PROJECT for the Carolina Pregnancy Center will provide much needed financial support for our friends with the CPC! This offering reflects our love and support for the unborn! Presently, we are engaged in a FOOD DRIVE with the EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA FOOD BANK! Our teens and our American Heritage Girls are also loving Greenville to Christ! As I said earlier I am so thankful for each of you! Greenville needs to see Jesus! Loving Greenville to Jesus is our calling! Thank you for sharing Christ by loving our beautiful city!

Our Sunday morning Bible studies are a huge part of our ministry. We have a number of gifted teachers serving in our teaching ministry. We are also fortunate to have great study materials provided by LIFEWAY! I am part of a class each week. I do not teach every week but have the opportunity to listen as others in our class share God’s Word. I highly treasure this hour of fellowship with our church family! Our SUNDAY SCHOOL begins at 9:45AM and ends at 10:45AM. We are concluding our study of ACTS and will be moving into I Corinthians soon! There are many great adult classes. There are classes for all ages. Join a class and study God’s Word with us weekly. The Lord will bring new friends into your life as well. Come on in this Sunday at 9:45AM and join a Bible study. You will be glad you did!!!

MEN on Saturday, March 17 we are hosting a MEN’S FELLOWSHIP at 4:00PM. We will be serving oysters, shrimp and fish. We will also have some game food like bear and deer. Guys don’t miss this time of fellowship. Last year we had an awesome group of guys! This year will be no different! BRING A FRIEND! This is the perfect time to introduce your friends to your church buddies. Plan now to be with us. You can also bring your sons. Make it a father/son outing. That would be great!

Enjoy this beautiful day! We love you and we will see you Sunday!

Mike and Cheryl <><

NOTE: Return CPC Baby Bottles this Sunday, February 25. THANK YOU!