These are very interesting days in which we live! Being a follower of Christ gives us an advantage when it comes to understanding hateful displays of behavior. Whether we see it on TV, hear it on the radio, or read about it on the internet, we see it with the eyes of Christ and feel it through the heart of our Heavenly Father. Thank the Lord for His Word on the issues of LOVE and hate. Be thankful that the fruit of the Spirit is LOVE! Be thankful that knowing Jesus and having the abiding Holy Spirit makes it possible for us show those around us the LOVE of Christ! Jesus made it abundantly clear that LOVE would be the defining mark of His people. Some people love to hate! While others, simply choose to be like Jesus, and let LOVE rule in their hearts and lives! As Christians, we prefer and project benevolence over violence. Benevolence reflects the compassionate heart of Jesus! Consider this example, those sacrificing to help flood victims in Houston, Texas are in large part lovers of Christ! LOVE, pure and simple, let’s others know that Jesus is Lord of our lives. What a great day to be salt and light in a perishing world. What would Jesus say and do if He were here? I think Jesus would say something like this, “I love you, and I died for you. Give me your heart filled with hate and I will fill it LOVE! I gave My life for yours. Let Me live My LIFE through you!” Let’s be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves, as we show others around us the LOVE of Christ!

Colossians 3:14 And above all these put on love,

which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Please take a few minutes and look over our website at There is current information there regarding our upcoming events and activities. REMEMBER, AWANA begins on Sunday evening, September 10 at 5:00PM. Also, our New Discovery Class begins Sunday morning, September 10 at 9:45AM with Willie and Sara Arevalo. Then on Sunday evening, September 17 we begin a new Financial Peace University Class (Dave Ramsey). Cheryl and I have taken FPU… please take the class. It will make a huge difference in the way you handle your finances. Call Stephen Bradley at 252-355-3500 for more information about any of these classes. NOTE: You do have to be a member of Grace Church to participate in these classes.

Christ is ALL and in ALL!

Mike and Cheryl <><