Dear Grace Church Friends and Family!

Christmas is a wonderful time to focus on Jesus and the Gospel! Most of you know that my father Davey Lee Meshaw went home to be with his Lord last Friday afternoon! Your love and support has been overwhelming! I can’t say “Thank You!” loud enough! Your prayers, hugs, cards, kind words, text messages and emails have truly strengthened us during our time of grief! Just before I stood to say a few words about my dad you came to mind! The Lord continues to use you in ways Cheryl and I cannot describe. Your love has been Christlike! I marvel at the abundant and sufficient grace of our loving Lord! With hearts filled with loving gratitude we say, Thank you!

Our new Sunday School Bible study has started! Joshua is our teaching focus at 9:45AM each Sunday morning. If you do not have a class join us and we will find you a Bible study! Also I want to encourage each of you to be on time to your classes. Typically families begin to show up close to 9:45AM. It is crucial that our childcare folks are in place and ready to serve. Do your very best to be on time for the start of your class. Joshua is an exciting book… I know you will enjoy it! Again, if you do not have a class, we have one for you! I want to thank EVERY TEACHER for their weekly study and preparation!!! I will see you Sunday at 9:45AM for Bible study. God bless you!

Our CHRISTMAS EVE COMMUNION SERVICE will be on Saturday, December 24 at 6:00PM. What a unique time and place to worship our newborn King Jesus! Join us and bring your families and friends! On Sunday, December 25 CHRISTMAS DAY we will have ONE SERVICE at 10:00AM. There will no evening service on CHRISTMAS DAY. Christmas is a tremendous time for wholehearted worship! Invite others to join you. It is a time to bless the Lord and our families with all that is in us!!! Let’s pray together for the Lord’s blessing upon our church and those around us!

Again, thank you for your gracious love and support for our family. Your care has sustained us in this needy hour! Loving the Lord and loving each other are the defining marks of God’s church. Cheryl and I love you and deeply appreciate your kindness to our family! You have always been there for us… Thank you! See you Sunday morning for Bible study at 9:45AM.

Merry Christmas!

Mike and Cheryl <><