I love watching Olympic athletes compete. They are so disciplined and skilled in their individual sports. Just imagine how much time and effort goes into practicing for the Games! The same is true in the Christian life. Living for Jesus requires this exact focus we see in the lives of Olympic athletes. This focus is the same for every child of God. No one gets a pass when it comes to giving their best for Christ. Living for Jesus does happen by accident; just as winning a Gold Medal does not happen by accident! Living for Jesus requires our all-out best for His honor and glory! I realize living the Christian life is a daily grind and a struggle. But at the same time, what Jesus did on the cross was not an accident nor was it easy! His cross work took His life! Brothers and sisters, Jesus gave His all for us, let’s give Him no less! 1 Corinthians 10:31 “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

This summer at Grace Church has been truly amazing! The Lord has sent us some wonderful new friends. Last Sunday’s Discovery Class had 14 people. Usually we do not have a Discovery Class in the summer because we do not have enough new people. On top of that, you have been so welcoming that virtually all of our guests continue to worship with us weekly! It blesses me to have them mention your welcoming spirit in our class discussions. Last Sunday’s service blessed us all in many wonderful ways! THANK YOU!

Wednesday’s Prayer Meetings have marked my personal life in some special ways. Last week I prayed with Andy Sugg. Over the past weeks I have prayed with many of our men and women. One recent Wednesday night Grace Puerto held her infant baby as our group of four prayed together. It was amazing to watch. I won’t forget that anytime soon! A heartfelt thank you is also in order for our deacons who have faithfully lead these prayer sessions. Praying together is special!!! One primary goal of our summer Prayer Focus was to pray; not to do Bible study or sing or fellowship, but to pray. And that we have done!!! Our numbers have ranged from 30 to 50. Honestly, I did not know how many people would join us for these prayer times. But I am so glad that we have prayed together this summer. My prayer life has been strengthened; I truth yours has as well!

Serving Jesus is what we have been called to do. Our world is perishing! Men and women and boys and girls need Jesus. You might be the only Jesus some people ever see or know. Let Jesus be seen in you! Let your light so shine that He is glorified through your life! Jesus is worthy of our very best. Let’s be known as the church that exalts Jesus Christ in all that we do! We won’t regret it and people won’t forget it… JESUS IS LORD OF ALL!!!

See you Wednesday for prayer or Friday for fellowship!

Mike and Cheryl <><