What can we learn from Jesus? One thing we learn from Him is this. We learn how to “see”! Jesus had extraordinary eyesight. He saw everything! He saw into the hearts of His disciples. He saw into the hearts of His followers! He sees into our hearts as well! I say this not to frighten you but to encourage you! I want to see what Jesus saw. I know you do as well. So what did Jesus see? Matthew 9:36 tells us “He saw the multitudes; He was moved with compassion on them.” Jesus saw people in their lostness. His response was one of “compassion.” As Matthew shares this Jesus is already going to the multitudes. Jesus wanted His disciples to see what He saw. He expects the same from you and me. When you see your children, your friends, your coworkers, what do you see? I hope you see what Jesus saw. Cheryl and I just returned home from a visit with our children in Kenya. Literally, we saw the multitudes!!! We saw what Jesus saw. What’s my point? My point is this; within the multitudes around you people need Jesus. They need to be saved! They need what you have! If you don’t see them, you certainly won’t see their need. Let’s see what Jesus saw. We all need 20/20 vision. Share your faith! Give them the Gospel. It is “the power of God unto salvation.” See what Jesus saw!

I am sensing in my heart a need to call our church to a focus on prayer. Corporate prayer is what I see! In the coming days I will be sharing more with you concerning this prayer focus. This coming summer we will be praying together as a church family like never before. Prepare your heart now. You and your family will be involved. This focus will be called “PRAYER… PRIORITY ONE!” It is no secret that we all need to pray. I believe we also need to pray together as a church family! There are great needs in your life and in mine that we need to pray about. There are great needs in our church that we need to pray about. There are great needs in Greenville that we need to pray about. Yes, we need to be praying Christians. But we also need to be a praying church. Our Lord willing, that will happen in a new and fresh way in the coming weeks here at Grace Church. As I mentioned earlier, I will be sharing more about this prayer initiative soon!

It is good to be home. Cheryl and I are a little turned around time wise. Our trip was awesome; our family is safe in the arms of our loving Lord. Thank you for your kind and loving support!

Jesus is Lord!